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New York Sunshine designed UNKNWN store experience is a knockout

Design Boom recently reported on the magnificent UNKNWN store, a Miami-based retail destination and culture creator within the world of arts, fashion, sports and music.

The opening took place in December 2019 and consists of 10 000 square-feet of the most magnificent design and experiential expression.

The venue is based in Miami’s Wynwood district and New York Sunshine designer John Margaritis has created an industrial vibe that resonates perfectly with the district.

The experience starts with visitors being welcomed by a Margaritis-designed water feature made of basketball goals, copper and water. The piece features two inverted hoops opposed to each other that are reflected by a water mirror under them. Surrounding it is a concrete seating area where people can unwind and take a break from retail in an uncluttered space free from merchandise. Next to the center piece, brand visuals are projected on a live-plant wall highlighting and showcasing new arrivals, exclusive collections and key product drops.

Another key feature of the space is the custom-designed concrete shelving system displaying a total of 175 footwear releases from an edit of world-class brands. Bespoke LED-lit shelves suspended from the ceiling and 20-custom dyed shelving fixtures and displays complete the original look.

John Margaritis told Designboom at the opening event “For the UNKNWN store I wanted to create a community environment where you can look through shoes, play basketball and experience being part of wynwood, ‘It was not about bringing something new into the community but rather being part of it.’ And this is exactly what experiential design is – creating spaces that forms part of a community and environment.

John Margaritis’ design also pays homage to basketball — a shared passion of the three co-founders who met as young men in Akron, Ohio — by centering the space around an open-air, sunset-inspired functional court and multi-use courtyard space.

Complete with hoops, the basketball courtyard features a characteristic colour scheme comprised of bold blue hues and white baselines. Lined with gardens, the court also features 200+ feet of mural wall space that will be constantly changing for different art creations. Basketball games, concerts, and screenings are just a few of the activities that will take place here.

Known for showcasing multi-brand designer apparel, footwear, and accessories, UNKNWN first opened in 2011 in Miami’s Aventura Mall, earning a global reputation and clientele by offering covetable sneakers and collectible items. With the aim of reinventing the shopping experience, UNKNWN connects brands to consumers through high-level experiences and products.

LeBron James says ‘I’m excited about this new space because every inch and every detail is dedicated to bringing people together,’ from the basketball court that will host community events to featuring custom collaborations and celebrating local art, this location is all about fusing fashion, sport, culture and community. this innovative and engaging space takes not only the UNKNWN brand, but also the brick-and-mortar retail concept, to a whole new level.’

Content courtesy of Designboom

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