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What You Need to Know about Mobile in 2020

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

It is still the year of mobile

With more than 90 million mobile connections in South Africa, of which 20 to 22 million are smartphone users, mobile marketing should be a key focus for brands. Data shows that 71% of South African web pages are served to mobile phones which means not only is mobile advertising important, but brands need to make sure their web sites are optimised for mobile browsing. And YouTube is still relevant as 42% of South African internet users watch video on their mobile phones.

What to do better in 2020

Let your marketing videos tell a story. Keep them interesting and let the content appeal to your audience’s emotions. And don’t forget that your audience’s need for information should come first over your brand’s promotional message.

With YouTube being the second largest search engine on the Internet your marketing videos must be optimised not only for Google and other traditional search engines but also for YouTube. Make use of video site maps and mRSS feeds to get the most out of your videos. Google Ads Keyword Planner and Google Analytics are must-have tools for any marketer.

For your video story (or any other digital marketing campaign) to reach the right audience, it is important that marketers explore location-based marketing. Going into 2020 make sure your marketing strategy matches opted-in, privacy-compliance location data received from smartphones to points of interest (POI) related to your products and services. These POIs can be your store’s physical location, that of your competitors, restaurants, grocery stores, and shopping malls. It is so much more effective to create audiences based on real-world visits, rather than likes and follows on social media.

The year for killing dinosaurs

Digital is here to stay. Early adopters of digital marketing confirm that video marketing is worth the investment. Data shows that it results in 66% more qualified leads and more than 50% increase in brand awareness.

If I could have one wish come true in 2020 it is that it would be the year of killing dinosaurs. The year that legacy companies will come to realise the importance of digital marketing, and that it is here to stay. Let’s make 2020 the year of digital marketing and allocate more budget towards this ‘new’ way of marketing!


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