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Who Are You Talking To?

Thoughts on gaining actionable, reliable insights during a global pandemic

Decision makers, time-strapped in a constantly changing environment affected by the global pandemic and local mitigating factors are often hard challenged to obtain actionable, reliable consumer insights, rapidly in order to drive informed decision making.

Given the impact of the global pandemic on consumers, it is ever important to adopt a more agile and robust approach to obtain consumer insights cost effectively and in real time, to better understand the constantly changing mindsets of consumers, and the factors influencing their decisions. Within a multi-disciplinary approach might be the key...

Longitudinal measurement is a suitable methodology for consumer research during a constantly fluctuating environment because it helps better understand the changing mindset of the consumer and the factors influencing changes in consumer behaviour (and the weight thereof). The approach could allow early detection of developments and/or changes in characteristics of the target population at both a group and individual level, because the approach extends beyond a single moment in time.

A longitudinal approach can provide unique insights, that may not be possible with other approaches, and allows you to look at changes over time and can be particularly useful when observing changes during different points in time and explore the reasons for these changes (eg throughout the duration of the pandemic). Longitudinal studies are popularly used in panel studies (which involves sampling a cross section of individuals) and cohort studies (where a group of individuals are selected based on a specific event).

Cohort studies are a particular form of longitudinal study that samples a group of people with whom repeated observations of the same individuals is carried out over a period of time, thus allowing analysis of change at a single source level.

In this ‘new normal’, a qualitative and quantitative approach would help better contextualise the data and result in deeper understanding. A useful approach would be to use an online survey platform that is device agnostic and produces a more engaging experience for the respondents. Respondents can be onboarded at a live event (to ensure respondent validation) and thereafter double opted in to participate in the research program which can be executed via an online link (for the phone browser), SMS and/or USSD.

Utilizing an online approach to cohort-based, longitudinal approach can help adapt marketing messages and campaigns based on insights gained from consumers (in real time), improve outcomes and plan for contingencies.

LivePlus has developed a bespoke, full-service data and insights platform (LivePulse) that delivers rapid, reliable data to support decision making with relevant insights from real people within 48 hours. Our solution has been tailored to provide digital cohort-based longitudinal studies in a cost and time effective manner.

Contact / to find out more about LivePulse.

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